Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 1. Introduction


“Designing green growth learning aids for young persons with disabilities" #

PR2: Produced audio for visually impeded and special books as learning aids for young persons with intellectual disabilities.

Project aim #

The main objective is to develop and create learning aids for persons with disabilities related to green growth and culture.

For this purpose, we will design a curriculum and modules addressing the topic of green growth and culture. These curricula shall be used as extracurricular activities in the schools and for NGO training of youth. Furthermore, we want/will extend this material and adjust it to the needs of disadvantaged youth with disabilities

Project objectives #

  1. To identify and select content for the learning curricula specific for each participating country and to create suitable curricula attractive to the youth and especially accessible for youth with disabilities
  2. To develop special learning material and learning aids adjusted to the need of young persons with disabilities and to encourage the schools and teachers to continue developing similar aids for other topics.
  3. To promote these learning aids as a public good, especially to interested stakeholders, and to introduce them in the learning process of schools as extracurricular activities.
  4. To promote the concept of a culture of green growth in each of the countries and regions Implementation: What activities are you going to implement?

Project partners #

  • Eurasia Innovative Society Association, Turkyie
  • Udhetim i Lire – Liberi di Viaggiare, Albania 
  • Asociatia Babilon Travel, Romania
  • Perform On Top, Sweden
  • Austrian Association of Inclusive Society (AIS), Austria
  • Lifelong Learning Network (LLN), Macedonia