Lifelong Learning (project holder)

Lifelong Learning Network (LLN)

The Lifelong Learning Network (LLN) Macedonia is a national umbrella association established in 2012 aiming to support the development of the adult education in Macedonia.
The gathers local and state institutions, civil society organizations, companies, experts and other entities interested in lifelong learning related issues. The network is functioning both at policy level in cooperation with Ministries and other public institutions, and also provides support to providers of adult education.
Past period, the LLN has been working on different projects related to vocational education and training, rural development, support for people with disabilities/impaired and other groups. During the implementation of the activities, the LLN provided expertise or addressed the challenges of lifelong learning. The LLN cooperates with several networks active at European level in order to exchange knowledge and experiences.
The LLN’s Vision is: Macedonia, economically developed country with educated and employed people.
LLN’s Mission: Creating enabling environment and strengthened capacities for education of adults.

Asociatia Babilon Travel's (ABT)

Asociatia Babilon Travel's (ABT) main mission is to promote social inclusion, intercultural dialog, adaptive sports and outdoor activities as instruments of inclusion and active European citizenship among youngsters, either with or without special needs or with fewer opportunities. In our programs, we train youth workers, youth leaders, teachers, educators and volunteers, to be capable to involve people with special needs in various activities, including educational, sport, indoor and outdoor activities and international mobilities. We also train volunteers to accompany groups of people with disabilities, especially visually impaired, along adapted tourist tracks, that we document with accessible tourist guides in Braille, large fonts and audio formats.

ABT acts as a coordinating, sending and hosting organization for local and international projects involving youngsters with special needs and fewer opportunities, and also its staff, volunteers and staff of its strategic partners, to trainings, youth exchanges and other events, related to non-formal education (NFE), inclusion, sport, entrepreneurship, intercultural learning, information and communication technologies (ICT) and social media platforms.

Austrian Association of Inclusive Society (AIS)

Austrian Association of Inclusive Society (AIS) is a non-governmental organization based in Vienna, Austria, dedicated to interdisciplinary research that promotes innovation and collaboration in the fields of human rights, social inclusion and development. AIS’s activities include research and analysis, evaluations, publications and advocacy, as well as convene and facilitate the exchange of ideas and open discussions that stimulate new thinking on current issues in Europe, while keeping a global perspective. AIS holds conferences, workshops, trainings and other events that focus on social development , behavioural change and foster inclusion of youth and marginalised groups. Main focus areas are:

● Community Development
● Personal and Professional Development
● Integration, Inclusion and Social Justice
● National and International Cooperation
● Climate Change and the Environment
● Human Rights
● Youth and Employment
● Diversity and Society
● Gender Equality
● Bullying/ Cyber-bullying and Conflict Mediation in Schools
● Migration, Citizenship and Belonging
● Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid
● Countering Violent Extremism

AIS has a strong reputation for producing independent quality studies, as well as engaging in international collaborative support and promoting good practices that generate relevant work. Inclusive Society currently works in delivering a wide variety of projects and advocates strategic influence in a range of sectors that touch on our focus thematic areas. Staff members and volunteers are committed to fight for equal rights for all and to promote the full inclusion of socially disadvantaged, disabled and marginalised people in all aspects of life.

Association "Udhetim i Lire - Liberi di Viaggiare"

The Association ""Udhetim i Lire - Liberi di Viaggiare"" is focused on tourism, cultural heritage, youth, environment, rural development, good governance, culture, voluntarism, and human rights promotions. This association operates in Durres, Albania. The mission of the Association “UiL - LdV” is carried out by:

1. The advocacy
2. The Research
3. The Information and Experience exchange
4. Partnership and Network
5. Lobbying

Perform on Top

Perform on Top has a call to apply our assets and moral values to make a positive impact in society and do our best to make a noticeable difference. We are passionate about inclusive society resulting in Diversity & Inclusion being constantly on the tip of the tongue in our community. Inspired by our partners within the project, Perform On Top uses the opportunity to start working with individuals with disabilities.

(1) Social services and cohesion;
(2) Strengthening of the civil society;
(3) Vocational Education and Training;
(4) Improvement of the living conditions and standard of life;
(5) Economic development.

Eurasia Innovative Society Association

Eurasia Innovative Society Association is a non-governmental organization located in Bursa, Turkey. Through its practiced multidisciplinary research in the fields of young education, social inclusion, sustainable growth and many more. Research and analysis, assessments, publishing, and advocacy are among Eurasia's efforts, as are convening and facilitating the exchange of ideas and open debates that promote fresh thinking on contemporary challenges in Europe while maintaining a global perspective. Eurasia organizes conferences, workshops, trainings, and other activities that promote social growth, behavioral change, and youth and marginalized groups' inclusion.

Our key areas of interest are:
● Development of the Community
● Professional and Personal Growth
● Social Justice, Integration, and Inclusion
● Youth and Employment
● Human Rights
● Creating jobs for refugees
● The Environment and Climate Change
● Society and Diversity

Eurasia has a solid reputation for delivering high-quality independent research, as well as providing worldwide collaboration assistance and supporting best practices that result in meaningful work. Eurasia is also actively working on a number of initiatives and advocating for strategic influence in a number of industries that are relevant to our key theme areas.
Our staff is working diligently to address socio-economic issues through research and analysis. From juniors to seniors Eurasia follows inclusive policies to create a better world for everyone.